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BERLIN FOOD WEEK at SPINDLER | 12-16 Oct. 2022 Blown away by the barkThis year's city menu for Food Week is all about enjoying meat. We wouldn't be the SPINDLER team if we...

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Spindler Berlin Kreuzberg Restaurant Brasserie Halloween Party Event 2021

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Goose nice and crispy! Goose dinner is a tradition at SPINDLER. From Saturday 11 November we will be serving you our version of the popular classic: our St. Martin's goose is slowly braised and roasted until crispy. Served with smoked...

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Spindler Berlin Spring Menu Spring Menu

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Spring menu launch at SPINDLER | 12 March 2020 We've made it, spring is here! The warm season is upon us and summer is approaching in leaps and bounds. Before it gets so...

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